Bike It If You Can – July 11 to 13 – Mad River Glen

Join us for the third annual Bike It If You Can Rides in Waitsfield. On Saturday we’ll have three rides – 25, 48 and 62 miles, starting from the MRG parking lot at 9 a.m., with some meeting up down below at the Battleground. The 62-miler goes over the Ap Gap and Middlebury Gap. The other routes stick to the eastern side of the ridge.

Upon our return on Saturday, we’ll head for Lareau’s swimming hole down on Route 100. Later, we’ll gather on the deck at the Basebox for dinner.
Sunday we’ll meet again at the MRG parking lot and head south down the newly paved Route 100 to Moss Glen Falls. It’s a 40-mile ride, with an additional 20-mile loop.

All will gather for dinner at the Basebox under the full moon.

We will be posting more information on the Road Page with further details.

Contact: Dave Wilson, White Plains Ski Club, 914-217-5600


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