Suki’s Alley is Open!

Suki’s Alley at Blueberry Lake opens today. Please enjoy the new trail, which starts near the two stream crossings on Tootsie Roll and descends towards Lenord’s Loop near the main bridge. Due to the design of the trail, featuring steeper grades, potential for higher speeds and places where one or both tires might lift off the ground, the USFS, the Riders and Sinuosity decided to make it a one-way route.

The USFS has added a “Most Difficult” sign, but we caution that this a relative scale for the Blueberry Lake network only. Compared to the rest of the Riders’ network throughout the Valley, Suki’s Alley is non-technical and would earn an intermediate rating, based on the smooth roll-ability of the trail.

The expert challenge comes from being able to ride the trail with minimal braking/pedalling and maximum amplitude. Look for multiple line choices on select features.

Many thanks to VMBA, USFS, Sustainable Trailworks, Sinuosity Trails, the Mad River Riders, VT-FPR, the Town of Warren, the MRV Chamber, MRV Rec District, the students and teachers of Harwood Union and GMVS, Tony Amenta, Ali Zimmer and all our supporters and friends.


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