Rolling through Fall

A few bright notes to complement the leaves… the VYCC-Riders work on Chain Gang in Phen Basin State Forest was reviewed by VT-FPR this week and given high marks. We’ve still got lots to do to finish the entire project, but the pieces that are done are challenging, fun and bomber-built. Come help on Sunday, and hopefully we’ll get the biggest section connected and open.

We’re excited to share that Mt. Ellen has been chosen as the host site for the 2016 VT MTB Fest on July 22-24. 2016 is the 10th anniversary for the Fest and the 30th Anniversary for the Mad River Riders. Get ready to roll the MEllen!

Finally, this week the Riders took a huge step closer to getting permission from VT-FPR for the new intermediate Evolution trail that will be parallel to Cyclone in Camel’s Hump State Forest, providing a fun climb/descent option all the way from Lareau Farm-Flatbread to Tucker Hill Rd. Many many thanks to our awesome landowners at Dana Forest Farm, the Laskowski family for allowing us to cross their land onto state land.


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