Mountain Bike Trail Descriptions

Mad River Riders Ride Guide                                DCIM102GOPRO

Download the Mad River Riders Trail Description in PDF format

Trails are rated = Easy, = Moderate, = Difficult,   = Most Difficult and 1-5 (easy to difficult) for technical challenge and flow. ** = Trails mainly ridden as a downhill. These are relative scales, based on local conditions. Hazardous terrain and features exist throughout the network. Inspect everything before riding. Choose to walk or avoid sections beyond ability or comfort level. You are responsible for your actions.

The map does not show every intersection. Be prepared to navigate. Carry tools, food, water, extra clothing, communication, and leave your route plan with somebody. You don’t have to be far away to be far away from help.

Please … Stay on the trails. Build and maintain only with permission and approved plans. Leave no trace. Avoid trails when conditions are very wet or soft, especially during spring frost-out. Bikers and skiers yield to hikers and snowshoers. Climbers and people below you have the right of way. Respect neighbors and landowners. Keep pets under control and clean up after them. Help with trail work. Park legally and respectfully. Visit often. Learn something new. Linger long. Be friendly. Share graciously. Smile wide. Say hi. Have fun.

These trails are made possible through the combined efforts of the Mad River Riders-Vermont Mountain Bike Association, VT Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation, the USFS/Green Mountain National Forest, the Mad River Path Association, the towns of Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, and Moretown, Sugarbush Resort, and many private landowners. Please join and support MRR-VMBA!

Blueberry Lake–Green Mountain National Forest–East Warren

Access & Parking: Blueberry Lake is on Plunkton Rd. Park in any of the access or pull-off areas. Trailheads are on the opposite side of Plunkton Road from the lake. The Blueberry Lake trails were designated in 2013 as an IMBA Model Trail-Gateway network, great for beginners.

Tootsie Roll  Tech: 1 Flow: 5

Tootsie Roll is to the north of Lenord’s Loop, and the easiest and shortest loop at Blueberry Lake. Tootsie Roll is fun for all abilities and features wide views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Lenord’s Loop Tech: 1 Flow: 5ja-MRVRD-2013-pics-038

Start at the main trailhead on the north side of the earthen dam on Plunkton Rd. Follow the trail to the signed intersection, then down to a bridge over the stream. After crossing, climb briefly until reaching an intersection. Go right for an easier climb, left for a moderately tougher ascent. These routes reconnect at a main intersection with the Flying Squirrel loop. Lenord’s Loop is named for Lenord Robinson, the original designer of Blueberry Lake and the owner of Blueberry Lake Touring Center.

Flying Squirrel Tech: 1 Flow: 5

To access Flying Squirrel, start with Lenord’s Loop or enter at the Gravel Pit trail, a short steep climb. As the climb levels out, there is an intersection with the Flying Squirrel loop. Go right to meet the Lenord’s Loop/ Flying Squirrel intersection, about .25 of mile further on the trail. Go left to ride the other direction on Flying Squirrel.

Suki’s Alley Tech: 1 Flow: 5

Suki’s starts just above the double stream crossing on Tootsie Roll. Expect progressively more difficult features, with berms, rollers, floaters, rocks, wood bridges and optional lines. Suki’s finishes near the main bridge at the bottom of Lenord’s Loop. Due to steeper slopes and the flow of the trail, Suki’s is open as a downhill only. True to MRV form, this downhill has some climbing too.


Camel’s Hump State Forest – Howe Block/ Tucker Hill/ Dana Hill

Access & Parking: Tucker Hill Rd-CHSF parking lot (easiest). Waitsfield Village. American Flatbread parking, except Fridays&Saturdays 4 PM–9 PM. Lareau Swim Access parking on east side of Rt 100. Dana Hill Rd not recommended for driving.

Revolution Tech: 2 Flow: 5

GMVS rocks the Revolution!

GMVS rocks the Revolution!

Start this spin behind American Flatbread, look for the woden fork and bike wheel sign. Enter a wide trail, traverse and climb for about half a mile. On right, follow a singletrack through a series of switchbacks, across a long bridge, finishing with a short downhill to Dana Hill Rd. directly across from the bottom of Cyclone.

Enchanted Forest Tech: 3 Flow: 4

The EF is a relatively gentle route, with a mix of armored rock sections, flowy rollers and little tech obstacles.

Cyclone Connector Tech: 3 Flow: 4

CC starts at a big intersection just below the top of the EF. Watch the two stream crossings. The Cyclone trailhead just in the woods from the Dana Hill Rd intersection.

Cyclone  ** Tech: 5 Flow: 3

The Cyclone’s twisty turns are riddled with roots, rock faces, log rolls, burst climbs, bridges and berms. Cyclone ends on Dana Hill Rd, continue across the road to Revolution. Use Dana Hill Rd to return to upper trails or drop to Waitsfield.

Clinic  ** Tech: 5 Flow: 3

This Valley classic is a true clinic of bike skills. Be careful to go right on Busternut soon after the double stream crossing to return to Dana Hill Rd. Stay on state land here, marked with orange blazes.

GS  Tech: 3 Flow: 5

Enchanted Forest hike.

Enchanted Forest hike.

GS is newly rerouted and now the preferred climb from Clinic and Busternut. Expect fast gate-inspired pedal-flow on the down, with fun alternate rock rollers, ripping round turns and sweet old stone walls.

Busternut Tech: 4 Flow: 3

Generally ridden as a climb from the Clinic, this tough uphill tops out on Dana Hill Rd. After big stream crossing on Clinic, stay right and traverse, then left at the GS intersection. At Dana Hill Rd, go right to EF and other CHSF trails. From Dana Hill Rd. stay left at the intersection near the top and look on the downhill side for the entrance before a big stone wall.

Maple Twist Tech: 4 Flow: 3


Maple Twist is a turn-filled roller-coaster and a fun challenging climb too. The bottom is the at the top of Tucker Hill Rd. The top intersection is off Ridgie, near Powerline.

Misty Maple Tech: 4 Flow: 3

This trail is commonly ridden as a figure 8 loop with Maple Twist. Straighter and steeper than its sibling, Misty is the western side of this loop.

Catamount Trail/ Mad River Path

Access & Parking: Park at Flemer Barn on German Flats Rd or in Waitsfield. Obvious trailhead signage above beginning of German Flats Rd.

Sugar Run Tech: 3 Flow: 3

Turn into Sugar Run off German Flats Rd. and go straight up the hill. Look on the left for the entrance to Sugar Run/ Catamount/ Mad River Path trails. This route connects directly to the top of Marble Hill Rd, off RT 17. Expect stream crossings and moderate technical riding on a wide trail.

Catamount Trail Tech: 3 Flow: 4

VYCC crew building a turn.

VYCC crew building a turn.

New sections, features and flow added in 2013 and 2014! From top, go left onto CT after cresting the high point of the Sugar Run trail. Stay left to end on German Flats Rd. From the bottom, there is an obvious trailhead and bridge on German Flats Rd, just below the Fayston School.


Eurich Pond

Access & Parking: Park at Sugarbush Resort at the top of the Access Rd. or the lower parking lot across from the Sugarbush Inn.

Eurich Pond Trail Tech: 3 Flow: 3

Follow Eurich Pond Rd. through the South Face condos. The signed trailhead is on the right. Next to a wet doubletrack is a rocky step-up entrance to the drier singletrack option, which parallels an old stone wall, before rejoining the wider route near Eurich Pond. This is a beautiful spot and primary access to several trails. Please be extra respectful here.

Nooney’s>Purgatory/Powerline Tech: 4 Flow: 2

After Eurich Pond, stay straight, passing a right (Plum Line), then a left (Private-No Access). Take next left on singletrack. Nooney’s winds uphill, parallel to Hell Hill. Nooney’s becomes Purgatory at an intersection. Go left to connect to the Powerline trail or right for Purgatory, which reconnects to Hell Hill for the last pitch. Powerline is relatively mellow, but can be wet.

Geyer’s   Tech: 4 Flow: 3

This is best ridden as a downhill, especially first time. The top entrance is just south of the big Powerline junction at the bottom of Race and exits at the bottom below Eurich Pond.

Hell Hill  ** Tech: 4 Flow: 3

An old work road/ ski trail leaving straight from Eurich Pond, its four main steps require technical moves and lots of lung. At the top, traverse west under sap lines, soon reaching the intersection of Race and Pusherman.

Race  ** Tech: 4 Flow: 3

Race is the left intersection at the top of Hell Hill. Stay left at the next intersection with Ridgie and Bitches Brew, then there are alternate lines on Race. Exits onto Powerline near the top of Guyer’s.

Ridgie Tech: 3 Flow: 4

After start of Race, go hard right at first intersection on to Ridgie, which winds along the ridge. There are alternate lines here, generally stay right to ride the entire trail. Pass under the power line and stay right at the next intersection to connect to Maple Twist, Misty Maple and the top of Tucker Hill Rd.

Bitches Brew  ** Tech: 5 Flow: 3

At the first intersection after the start of Race, take the middle route on to Bitches Brew. This trail has challenging rock spines and tough bridges. It parallels Race and reconnects with it near the bottom.

Plum Line  ** Tech: 3 Flow: 3

Take first right after Eurich Pond. After first long descent, stay left, then a quick right across a wider trail intersection. (Uphill left is High Plum.) After a long section next to stone walls, stay left, climb a short hill, and then round the main shoulder to a long traverse under a main ridgeline, heading north. Turning southeast, it descends for an extended stretch, with stream crossings, alternate lines, jumps and drops. Exit at Sugarbush Pond on Route 100.

Pusherman  ** Tech: 4 Flow: 2

From the top of Hell Hill, stay straight on main trail, which will loop back right and soon under several very low sap lines; walk here, leave the lines alone and try to stay as dry as possible. Soon, the sap lines will end and the trail will start climbing steeply up a rocky ridge. From the top, a fun descent drops into the intersection of High Plum at a rock shoulder.

High Plum  ** Tech: 5 Flow: 2

Stay right at bottom of Pusherman. This trail has sidehill exposure, with wood and stone bridges, scope challenges before riding. It contours generally downhill and then finishes fast on a wider trail. At an obvious off-set intersection, right goes up to Eurich Pond. Left is down Plum Line, near the longest rock wall section.



David from World Bike Parks riding a new VYCC berm on Chain Gang this summer.

Phen Basin – Camel’s Hump State Forest

Access & Parking: There are no official parking areas close to these trails, although you can legally park on the sides of dirt roads, please be respectfully.

East Loop  ** Tech: 3 Flow: 3

At the end of Stagecoach Rd. enter Phen Basin on Bassett Hill trail, a doubletrack, keeping a close eye for a sharp right on to the East Loop. Half way down, there is a cut-off to the Chain Gang, or you can continue down for more riding.

Chain Gang  ** Tech: 5 Flow: 3

From the Bassett Hill trail, look for a signed intersection for VAST RT 17W and the Chain Gang. Follow south to the Chain Gang entrance. Chain Gang is tough fun riding, with lots of rock. The VYCC upgraded Chain Gang with some sweet new sustainable flow in 2014. Exit on Phen Rd.

Bassett Hill Tech: 3 Flow: 3

Bassett Hill is ridden as access to East Loop and Chain Gang or as a connector to North Fayston.


Old Center Fayston

Access & Parking: Park at Bridge Street Marketplace or the Pines Rest Area on Tremblay Rd. Old Center Fayston Rd is near the northern end of Old County Rd.

Old Center Fayston/Gumball Tech: 3 Flow: 4

Climb past the houses on Old Center Fayston Rd. Trailhead is on right, down an embankment into the woods. The first part can be quite wet. After the initial wider trails, it narrows and climbs steeply for a short bit then mellows into a long steady ascent, adjacent to Old Center Fayston Rd. Much of the route is flowy and bermed, but there are some old-school tech features too.

Old Center Fayston Rd Tech: 2 Flow: 2

The bottom part of the road has been upgraded significantly and is a steep quick climb, if you are looking for a fast loop with some sweet downhill singletrack. About half-way up, the improved route turns left, while OCF Rd. continues straight. Gumball is accessible at this junction, next to OCF Rd. The Old Center Fayston/Gumball trails also cross OCF Rd higher up.


Sugarbush Resort **                  

Access & Parking: Park at Lincoln Peak base area.

Lift-served downhill trails, terrain park, dirt jumps, and wooden features. Free trail riding.

Mad River Path                        

There are several short sections of the Mad River Path throughout the Valley, most of which are easy and family friendly. Please help us fully connect the Mad River Path!


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