Plunkton Road/West Hill Road Ride

Plunkton Road/West Hill Road Ride – Strenuous
0.0 Start, Stark Mountain Bike Works, north on Route 100
1.0 Right, Bridge Street
1.4 Right, East Warren Rd.
7.4 Left, Plunkton Rd.
11.4 Left, Route 100 south
16.6 Granville Bowl Mill (regrouping point, turn-around)
Top, Granville Gulf
27.3 Left, West Hill Rd. (NOTE: Those who want can ride the direct, much easier route on Route 100 north back to the bike shop.)
28.3 Right, Golf Course Rd.
29.6 Right, Sugarbush Access Rd.
30.0 Left, German Flats Rd.
33.5 Right, Route 17
35.2 Finish, Stark Mountain Bike Works



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