Time Trial Series

The 2014 Mad River Riders Time Trials Series will take place on the last Tuesday of each month throughout the season, beginning May 28 and ending on September 25. Time trials are free to all participants and are open to all abilities. All start times are 6:30pm except September 24, when the start will be 6PM. Prizes for top three places in each race, men and women, provided by Mad River Glen, Stark Mountain Bike Works, the Bridges, Ole’s Cross Country Center, and others. 2014 Schedule: May 27, June 23, July 29, August 26; 6 pm start times & September 30 (6pm start)

May 26, 2015 – Time Trial #1
East Warren Road, 8.7 miles, rolling terrain
2013 Results
June 30, 2015 – Time Trial #2
Granville Gulf, 12 miles, rolling terrain
2013 Results
July 28, 2015 – Time Trial #3
Roxbury Gap, 4.2 miles, steep climb
Aug. 25, 2015 – Time Trial #4
Moretown, 9.4 miles, flat
2013 Results
Sept. 29, 2015 – Time Trial #5
West Hill Road, 1.2 miles, very steep climb
2013 Results

Special Pre-GMSR TT 2014

ttstandings 2014-3

ttstsndings 2014-4

tt standings final 2014



standings 2015-2


tt standings 2015-3

tt4 2015




    1. Hello,
      We do hope you join us for one of the group rides on Saturday July 12 starting at 9 am in the Mad River Glen parking lot.

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